The Best Landing Page Design
of the Decade: Part II

And now for the list of sites that didn’t make it into Part I of our series. Some of them put high conversion rates over beauty, and some are just a really nice and simple example of how landing pages should be done. Beauty? Sure, it’s important—but at the end of the day the conversion rates are really what it’s all about.


1. Geico

Hot: The screen real estate on this design are visibly well planned. A lot of content above the fold, fully visible on smaller screens and devices make for an effective layout.


2. Netflix

Hot: This above the fold approach is pretty popular among clients who put large conversion rates over beauty.


3. Basecamp

Hot: 37signals tried a lot of iterations and this one still sticks. Long headline, person and a contact form make combine seamlessly to get the job done.


4. Microsoft

Hot: A great example of how a huge corporation like Microsoft can display their infinite list of products and explain what they do in a neat (and still informative) compact design.
Not: For an opposite example visit GE or IBM.


5. Facebook

Hot: The landing page that signed one billion people. This one is a good example of how to build a landing page in its final step, when people are already aware of the product.


6. Twitter

Hot: People like it. It’s plain, simple and memorable.


7. Dropbox

Hot: Very minimal, very cool and ultimately? Very compelling.


8. Stripe

Hot: It created a movement based on the idea that products for developers shouldn’t actually be ugly. What a concept!


9. Path

Hot: It defined a pattern for landing pages selling iPhone apps.


10. Campaign Monitor

Hot: This is one of the well-known examples of its own species.
Not: Too many pages out there are built in a similar manner.

The Best Landing Page Design 2010-2013

No surprises here, you’ve seen them all before. This is a selection of best known landing pages on the web. They all share two important things: great conversion rates and pronounced beauty.


1. MailChimp

Hot: A great example of a landmark landing page, combining all the right elements including a big headline, action button, and a memorable mascot.
Not: Unfortunately, it is now replaced with a different and noticeably less appealing design.


2. Simple

Hot: Leave your bank for Web 2.0 aesthetics. This site was among the first corporate websites that introduced one-page design with long scrolling.


3. Mint

Hot: An early example that showed how to successfully fit corporate design into a Web 2.0 look and feel. They did a lot of testing with different headline formats.


4. Square

Hot: A very influential design that inspired the movement of Bootstrap websites.


5. Kaleidoscope

Hot: Inspired the movement of “attention to detail” landing pages, with a lot of fine tuning of graphics.


6. Zendesk

Hot: Combine a Buddha mascot with a nice shade of green and you get this funky zen experience that everybody recognizes.


7. Xero

Hot: Fresh, minimal and straight to the point. Very nice use of the turquoise color scheme.


8. Groupon

Hot: Highly influential, unique and memorable.
Not: Brought a bandwagon of copycats.


9. Assistly

Hot: At its peak, it brought some freshness with its purple design and nice iconography.
Not: Fresh at the moment, but not as timeless as MailChimp.



Hot: This list would not be complete without Apple.
Not: Jony Ive Redesigns Things.


The sites mentioned above are some of the designs that have been most requested by our clients over the years. You can see the results in our portfolio.

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