Radical Redesign Increase Signups by

Reports show that radical new design on essay websites for students increased sales by 50%.

Radical design on a checkout page will gain a 14% increase in sales without releasing any new products or spending money on ways to get more traffic to the website. Radical redesign on sales pages is proven to improve sales by 20%.

Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

Jason Fried’s mantra while testing was: “We need to test radically different things. We don’t know what works. Destroy all assumptions. We need to find what works and keep reiterating it—keep learning.”

37signals’ radical redesign achieved gains up to 102.5%.

Why Do Designers Hate Long Sales

The answer: they’ve never tested it.

“In the past, you must have come across one of those long sales pages that never seem to end. Most designers hate long sales letters because they contain heaps of text but apparently lack on aesthetic fronts. Some people go to extremes and even call such sales pages evil forms of internet marketing. Truth be told: long sales letter pages are based on learnings from direct marketing and the catalog industry, so there is nothing inherently evil about them. In fact, many marketers still use long form of sales pages because they convert visitors like crazy.”

37signals’ long sales letter page increased signups by 37.5%

Do People Use Your Website More If You Display Newspaper Logos on It?

“Despite having the second-highest circulation of any U.S. newspaper, the USA Today was the least trusted brand among both consumers and local service professionals, actually decreasing conversions by 25% and 13%, respectively.

Including multiple press logos together on our landing pages increased conversions by 17%. However, certain newspaper brands performed better than others when placed alone on our landing pages: The Washington Post and the New York Times were the most trusted brands among consumers, increasing conversions among consumers by 32% and 29%, respectively. The Wall Street Journal was the must trusted brand among local service professionals, increasing conversions among professionals by 8%.”